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Gaza Media Aid Project

Barefoot Workshops helped give a voice to civilians involved in the conflict by raising the money to provide them with cameras. Read more

Finding True North

Barefoot has launched a new program called Finding True North to give a voice to teens who have survived cancer, and let them empower and inspire kids who are presently dealing with cancer. More information to be added soon. In the meantime, watch videos from the latest workshop.


Read about Barefoot's role in creating a video library that will act as a hub for organizations engaged in HIV/AIDS education, training, treatment, and care. Learn more

Doggie and Bingo

One Thousand Tents for Haiti

Help us raise money for these two talented filmmakers who want to start a film production company in their original home of Sudan. Read more

One Thousand Tents for Haiti

One Thousand Tents for Haiti

One Thousand Tents for Haiti is a grassroots effort to help in the aftermath of the earthquake of 12 January 2010. Learn how you can make this goal possible. Read more

Learn Africa

A Wall for Social Consciousness

Learn Africa is a grassroots effort to help orphans of the AIDS crisis in Zimbabwe by providing basic needs, education, and more. Read more

A River Blue

In August 2006, Barefoot Workshops sponsored a music, drama, dance and art festival in northern Uganda. Since then A River Blue has expanded to support 51 in vocational training, agriculture and secondary school. Read more


Digital Heritage Project

Barefoot Workshops is currently raising support for a long-term project that will engage teachers and students, grades 7–12, to create interactive, media-rich, mobile curricula that can be introduced into public schools. Read more

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