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Make a Difference

We value any support you can give. Here are several ways you can make a difference:

Donate A Laptop

Donate your used MAC laptop & help an NGO or a filmmaker in the developing world to create videos in support of health & public advocacy campaigns. Once we receive the laptop it will be dropped of at Tekserve & refurbished for second-hand use. Email us!

NGO Care Package

For $2,000.00 you can donate a video care package to an NGO who is being trained by Barefoot Workshops. Email Chandler for more information.

Moto’s Story

Moto is a cameraman from Cameroon who is trying to produce videos that will educate rural villages about health care. But he needs your help. Read more

A River Blue

A River Blue is constantly fundraising to support a community empowerment project in northern Uganda. We also accept art supply donations. Email to learn how you can help or click here.

Five Actions:

1. Take a Workshop!

Barefoot Workshops leads short, two-week and four-week intensive Documentary Filmmaking Workshops in the Mississippi Delta and South Africa. Workshops impart technical and creative aspects of storytelling, and result in a completed film. Your tuition will offset costs for NGO Workshops in the developing world. Gain a valuable skill while helping others at the same time.

2. Volunteer!

Volunteer or intern with Barefoot in areas of:

  • Marketing/Outreach
  • Web Development
  • Research & Development
  • Event Production
  • (ARB exhibit @ Chesea Art Museum -

3. Network!

We are seeking to meet with funders and potential board members who can advance our work. Please help us to reach out and make those connections happen!

4. Friend-raise!

The most valuable thing you can do for Barefoot Workshops is to expand our network. Promote Barefoot Workshops in your workplace, school, community, etc. Connect to Barefoot Workshops through Facebook. Request to follow us on Twitter.

5. Join our mailing list!

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