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Moto’s Story

Moto Young-Ekuka has a dream of producing educational videos that might change the lives of rural villagers in his native country of Cameroon. Having grown up in a small isolated village, a three-day journey from the capital, he knows first hand the stark reality of primitive health care and the challenge of building sustainable rural economies. As a young man, Moto moved to Yaounde, the capital of Cameroon, wishing to study medicine. In 1985, unable to continue financing a medical education, he enrolled in a free video camera training class offered by the newly created National Television.

For the past fifteen years Moto has worked as a highly respected cameraman for Cameroonís National Television, shooting a broad range of award-winning programming and covering the Prime Ministerís visits to 23 countries. He has seen the power of Television Communications and images in shaping public opinion and now wishes to use media to help bring life changing opportunities to the many villages in Cameroon left behind by the recent economic progress and advances in health care. At the prime of his career, Motoís vision is to produce videos to be aired on television, or projected on portable screens or bed sheets that will inform and educate the rural population in a new way.

Moto saved for seven years to finance his travel to the U.S. this past summer to study at the International Film and Television Workshops. He took a range of courses in video editing, corporate and educational filmmaking, and digital journalism. Moto aims to produce three videos in the upcoming year. His first video will teach rural viewers about equivalences used in measuring medicines, fertilizers, and annual crop harvests. Another video will teach farmers how to sustainably clear, plow, and manage farmland. And lastly, Moto wishes to create a video that will educate viewers frankly and directly about the HIV/AIDS virus and preventing its spread.

Moto is seeking financial support to begin his work. He owns one small video camcorder but is in need of donations for other essential equipment. Barefoot has set up this page to accept donations for Moto. Donations can be in the form of equipment or monetary contribution. Please contact Barefoot at if you are interested in helping.

Checklist of needs:

  • editing software
  • computer
  • tripod (donated by The International Film & Television Workshops)
  • microphone
  • tapes
  • batteries



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