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2009 > 4-Week Documentary Workshop — November 2009


Tin Town

by Nora Connor, Clementine Wallace, Colton Margus




University of Failures

by Samantha Noble, Ryan Nacol

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Jonah’s Quest

by Jonah Akufai

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Zola Budd

by Pam Tietze, Ruby Lane

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by Elizabeth Amondi, Elise Lorimer

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4-Week Documentary Workshop — November 2009

Tin Town

A Film By: Nora Connor, Clementine Wallace, Colton Margus

About The Film

Promised housing by the South African government, more than a hundred Cape Town families found community through their struggle as squatters on a sandy road known as Symphony Way. Recently moved by court order to an indefinitely temporary relocation area called “Tin Town” in Afrikaans, community members reflect on that road in their past and on the road ahead.

About The Workshop

This 2-week HDV workshop runs twice a year and is designed for photojournalists who are looking to make the move to video-journalism and the web, new documentary filmmakers who want to launch their careers in web and television documentaries and for those with experience in some aspects of filmmaking that are looking to expand their skill, understanding and mastery of the whole process. Producers, cinematographers, editors and writers with narrative experience who are considering working in non-fiction filmmaking are also encouraged to enroll.

Students learn all aspects of the process including the importance of the still image, HDV camera, compact lighting methods, field sound, field editing and how to weave the story.