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2011 > Experiencing The Mississippi Delta — September 2011


Drawing On A Dream

by Susan Dobbs, David Rae Morris

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Music Is Life

by Ezra Howard, Jennifer Dean, Wilma Mosley—Clopton




Just Monkey

by J.C. Scruggs, Kara Wayman

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Experiencing The Mississippi Delta — September 2011

Music Is Life

A Film By: Ezra Howard, Jennifer Dean, Wilma Mosley—Clopton

Instructed and Produced By: Chandler Griffin, Alison Fast and Edward Symes

Location: Clarksdale, Mississippi

Workshop Format: Two-Week Documentary

About The Film

As Ms. Alberta Jones would say, "Music is Life." Join us for a journey telling the tale of Ms. Jones’ dedication to enriching the lives of children at Higgins School in Clarksdale through her passion for classical music.


Alberta Jones, Darnell Turner, Nancy Forte’, Edwin Robinson, Dennis Dupree, Timothy Gates


About The Workshop

This two-week HD workshop runs twice a year in the heart of the Mississippi Delta and is designed for those who want to learn documentary filmmaking top to bottom in an intensive setting.

Past participants have included new and established filmmakers, writers, journalists, artists, photographers, graphic designers, theater actors and directors, musicians, educators and non profit organizations. Previous experience with filmmaking is NOT required. Producers, cinematographers, editors and writers with narrative experience who are considering working in non-fiction filmmaking are also encouraged to enroll. Photojournalists and print journalists who are looking to make the move to video journalism should strongly consider this workshop.

Students learn all aspects of the process including the importance of the still image, HD cameras, compact lighting methods, wireless mics, how to structure and weave the story and how to edit in the field with Final Cut Pro.

Find Out How You Can Enroll

Click HERE to learn how you can make a documentary in The Mississippi Delta with Barefoot Workshops.

Interested in filming in Mississippi?

Contact the Mississippi Film Office at 601-359-3297 and visit them online at

Equipment Package - Mississippi Delta

Each documentary team is assigned an equipment package. Wanna know what was used to make this documentary? Click HERE.

Sponsored By

The Mississippi Film Office, Canon USA, Sennheiser, Bogen Imaging, Manfrotto, Lowepro, GoPro, Lowel Lighting, Anton Bauer & Inqsribe.

Comments from the filmmakers

"I was challenged in ways I hadn't even conceived possible in my two weeks in Mississippi. More than just a filmmaking workshop, I learned how to see the world around me in a new way (both visually and in terms of my own perspective). I have already experienced changes with my approach to creative endeavors. I have overcome my extreme tentativeness and learned to jump into the deep end again (something I seem less inclined to do as I get older). It's swimming in a river with tons of rapids but with instructors as life preservers - so that you don't drown - and the story floats no matter what." - Jennifer Dean